A Tokenization Platform on Blockchain to
notarize, manage, store, and sign all your files.

Don’t Trust, Tokenize


Effortless and Secure Enterprise Tokenization

TokNox simplifies digital asset management with an intuitive, secure, and transparent platform.

Transform your files and documents into unique NFTs on the blockchain, providing a transparent, tamper-proof record of authenticity, enhanced security, and easy document history tracking.


Leverage blockchain technology to sign documents and provide cryptographic proof of their authenticity and integrity. This adds an essential layer of security and compliance for all your legal and business transactions.


Verify tokenized files and signatures directly through the blockchain, ensuring the authenticity and integrity of your documents.


Store your files and documents in a distributed, zero-knowledge, end-to-end encrypted cloud storage solution, ensuring maximum security and privacy.

Tokenization Made Simple


Thanks to its intuitive interface, the platform demystifies the typical complexities of blockchain technology.
This user-centric interface ensures that managing digital assets is straightforward and accessible, removing traditional barriers to entry and empowering users to fully utilize the platform’s capabilities with minimal technical expertise.
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Flexible Business Model

Membership Plans

Subscription plans for advanced features and enhanced capabilities. These plans are tailored to cater to different needs, from individual professionals to large enterprises. The subscription model ensures a steady revenue stream and caters to a broader audience by offering flexible pricing options.

API Integration

Elevate your applications with seamless integration of our blockchain-based services. Designed to be modular, our APIs can be effortlessly adapted or extended, supporting diverse client models and scaling to meet increasing demands.



Custom White Labels

White-label solutions are ideal for enabling businesses to customize and brand the application to fit their specific requirements. Designed for easy integration, these solutions provide a flexible and scalable platform that can be tailored to meet diverse needs.

Algorand Blockchain

Our application leverages the power of the Algorand Blockchain. Thanks to its advantages such as High Throughput, Instant Finality, Security, and Minimal Fees, we can process our operations efficiently and at scale, ensuring seamless, secure, and cost-effective service for our users.

ARC-0019 Standard

Using the Algorand Standard Assets (ASA) and the ARC-0019 standard, we tokenize every file uploaded to Toknox. The mutability of asset metadata in ARC-0019 allows us to update metadata over time, ensuring a dynamic and current representation of each digital asset.
When digital signatures are added to a notarization, our system updates the corresponding NFT’s metadata with the signatures and signers’ addresses, reflecting the file’s current status and transaction history.

How it works


Vodafone Mentorship Program

TokNox has successfully completed its participation in the Vodafone Mentoring Program. This milestone marks the end of an enriching journey that began with our selection for this prestigious initiative, aimed at nurturing innovative startups and empowering them with the resources and guidance needed to thrive in the competitive tech landscape.

European Blockchain Sandbox

As one of the first 20 projects in the European Blockchain Sandbox, we’ve had a special chance to be part of this groundbreaking program. It offers a space for us to test, improve, and deploy our blockchain solutions within the EU, under a regulated setting. Our involvement not only allows for collaboration with a variety of partners, including startups, corporations, and regulators but also highlights our dedication to adhering to European standards. By contributing to the Sandbox’s goal of promoting secure and clear blockchain technologies, we position ourselves as leaders in the blockchain field across Europe.


The Latest news

TokNox at Decipher 2024: designing the future of tokenization

TokNox at Decipher 2024: designing the future of tokenization

TokNox is excited to share its involvement in Decipher 2024, a premier event for blockchain innovators and enthusiasts. Scheduled to take place on June 26–27, 2024, in Barcelona, Decipher 2024 is organized by the Algorand Foundation and promises to...

Toknox joins the Vodafone Mentoring Program

Toknox joins the Vodafone Mentoring Program

We are thrilled to announce that TokNox has been selected to participate in the Vodafone Mentoring Program! This marks an extraordinary opportunity for our company to collaborate with the mentors at Vodafone, individuals with extensive expertise...

Toknox at CES 2024 in Las Vegas

Toknox at CES 2024 in Las Vegas

From January 9th to 12th, 2024, Toknox made its spectacular debut at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, showcasing its innovative tokenization solutions at the Italian Pavilion in the Venetian Expo — Eureka Park. This participation marked...

Exploring TokNox during the X Space with the Algorand Foundation

Exploring TokNox during the X Space with the Algorand Foundation

On Tuesday, April 16, 2024, the TokNox team, along with distinguished guests from the Algorand Foundation, hosted an engaging X Space that allowed listeners to delve into the new frontiers of the TokNox ecosystem. Guided by Fred Estante and Min Wei...

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